A dark toon (or DT as they are more commonly called)is a creature that has been mutated by dark INK. They range from all shapes and sizes, however mostly resemble anthromorphic rabbits and teddy bears. They made their residence in Slumber Town before it was violently destroyed by the death of Scratch. DTs would lure young noids from the City and trick them into ingesting the Dark INK, transforming them into Dark Toons. Dark Toons have an array of skills and weaponry to their disposal such as the INK Ball, the Dream Hammer and an attack called Dark Transformation which will temporaryling mutate them once more into a feral state and will proceed to eliminate you with various melee tactics. It is assumed that after the well of darkness in the center of the town was destroyed, so was all that was left of them, however, there has been reports of encounters with the essence of the children playing and laughing as well as whispers that ask hauntingly stoic inquires.

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