Guardians are an extinct race of supernatural beings that were created from a region known as the Great Light.  They had strive for the presence of order amongst light and massacred vast numbers of lifeforms, including Noids, that made their habitat in what they call the "Dark Land" for this cause.

Origins Edit

Not much is known of the creation of the Guardians other than what they have described in the "Scriptures of Light" chronicled by the Noids. According to the SoL , The first Guardian was born many years prior to the event in which brought forth Noids. Its name was Solis, and is thought to have brought about the birth of the Noidic people among other beings of light.Being the first, Solis was always apprehensive towards other organisms including others of its kind . This grew as the Noidic people began to evolve from less than a few dozen, to thousands ready to explore the vast land that surrounded them. Solis gathered his kind, and told the to eliminate this problem as It felt that they would try to destroy the Great Light with the darkness in their soul. Solis called Itself and his species Guardians as they were guarding the purity of the light.

The War of Light Edit

As the tension between the exiled Noids and the newly refined Guardians grew to a breaking point, it was soon brought to the attention of everyone that somebody was going to give and finally someone did. The guardians, along with the guidance of the ancient one "Solis", began to advance and take of control of the region known to the Noids as Xedal. For years these two races fought a savage war for presence amongst the land and its waning light. However, after the invention of Omega and mechanical soldiers, the Guardians began to back off. Some migrated further north into the darkness to have their essence, which was powered by light, finally fade out to die. Only two remained for hundreds of years till the Noids "Eddy Crimson" and "Mutt" finally killed off the last of the ancient race.

Anatomy Edit

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