INK is the substance that gives life to the people of the Underground.

Origins Edit

It was unknown where or when INK was created however, it is commonly assumed when the first doodle was created, the substance was born as well. However, INK, in its raw form originates from the sea of nothingness in the region called the Void. It wasn't until years after creatures started to come in contact to what they called "nothing" did it finally became INK. It bonds itself to its host by either breathed or penetrated to the bloodstream, then almost immediately consumes its host's composition- devouring all traces of essential chemicals in the body until it is the only thing keeping the object existent. This is thought to be the birth of a noid. For years INK was only found inside the inhabitants of Underground, until a Dr.G.E.Ross, created a synthetic version that could be used for his experiments.It was he who first uttered the term "INK" as a description of his creation. He first used it to make Franklin, along with his other creations.

"Sketch" Edit

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