Mutt Dogg

An earlier version of Mutt

Born on December 6th, 2006, he is an anthromorphic dog of mixed breed. He once was a stray from up state Washington, but on a hot summer afternoon, he fell through a Cavernous hole and into a realm called the Underground in which he crashed in a pool of INK which transformed him into Mutt. He made a home with a homeless man named Derrick. Together they live in a house off of Terry ST. with his brother. Mutt tends to have scitsophranic outbursts and can be at times feral. He will be rude and outgoing, then self loathing and depressed. He also is artistic repeatedly spraying his name around ally ways of Skinner AVE. as well as an gifted guitarist and swordsman. He prides himself as being a punk and ridicules others for their taste in music as well as others.

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