The NNC is a group of artificial noids that took control of the City and rule over its inhabitants.

Origins Edit

Creation Edit

The NNC started as an off-branch from a corporation called N.N.I. or New Noidic Inc., bent on taking control of whatever they could get there hands on and dismantling the City. They started by incorporating other small but widely influential establishments and preached to them a way to liberate themselves from the stresses and barricades that hold them down,they bought it. Soon they controlled almost all forms of media including television, radio and print as well as other, unorthodox forms-- spoon feeding their philosophies and bumper-sticker campaigns to slowly corrupt the citizens views on things. It was when the whole city was tranced in this idea, they immediately began construction of the NNC.

Reprogram Edit

Soon after the New Noidic Citizens were released upon the unsuspecting civilization, they immediately began to clean up the City often with brute violence and often massacre. However, it was not long until they finally sought their very creators as an enemy against the state. One by one, the NNC took the corporation and it's subsidiaries by storm, almost annihilating every trace of its master plot before it could take roost upon the people. They then seized control of all other districts, and the City belonged to the NNC.

Citizens Edit

The members of the NNC are an artificial noid called a citizen. Although most noids INK is usually a metallic grey and has no extra abilities on there own, a citizen's in is a specific color, ranging from almost all colors of the spectrum. However, there are only six citizens


The Red Citizen






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