The Underground is a world manifested by our imagination. It lies just beyond the realm of existence, past beams of light and quakes of darkness and through the portal of awakening. It is a place in which we have all gone and lost-but never forgotten. This world takes the form of the City, Countryside, the Void and the Xedal(pronounced ze-dahl).

The City Edit

Districts Edit

The City is divided into five regions called districts. there are five main districts, which divided into divisions, which are then divided depending on where you are.

North District Edit

The first district is the North District. This encompasses the Harris division along with Matthews , York, and Devon divisions. It's boarders run along South St. from the south; Terry St. from the west; Christen Ave. from the east and the Countryside from the north. For the most part, the district was under the Red Citizen's control. Some of the wealthiest noids take refuge, and because of this, is one of two that are secured. A river runs through half of the district and into the east side of Central.

East District Edit

The next one going clockwise is the East District. This district the largest as it encompasses at least six or seven divisions. Though, due to recent criminal exploits, they are segregated into large micro-divisions that are controlled by various Criminal factions. The population here is very large and is centered around its fishing and "Steel-Mill" industry due to it being so close to Lake Morgon. It is bordered by St. Jimmy Ave. from the north; Gloria Way from the south; West St. from the west and the Countryside from the east. The district is mostly populated by dock, river and steel workers, along with second-hand gangs and the "economically-challenged". Many crime bosses made their headquarters here due to easy recruitments. The river runs in between the East and Central districts.

South District Edit

After the East District, going clock-wise, is the South District. This district is considered by many to be a suburb of the East and West districts.Though being one the smallest of all the districts, the South District is noted to have the highest gross income due to the large amounts of retail and "pleasure retreats". Though they are the welthiest of all the districts, South District is noted to have the most riots of all almost doubling the amount East side has. The riots tend to revolve around Gloria Way since it's closest to the East District. South District encompasses the Hendrick division along with the Holland division, Wilson division and Gregory division The district was under the Green Citizen's control.

West District Edit

Next to South District is the West District. After the East District, it is the largest district. The district is populated with many small farms and ranches which supply the city with food. It also has many suburban neighborhoods such as the Terry St. neighborhood that Mutt lives. The West District encompasses the Chinook Division along with the Ridge-Creek, Boulderville, Cook, Santa Anna and Junction Division

Central Edit

Central is the last district in the City and is in the direct center of the area. It is the political hub of the entire city. This district is one of the smallest, coming out to approximately 300,000 sq. feet in area. Central was founded in the hopes of bringing order to the city after Sketch disappeared, however, this never happend. Never the less, It still controls about half of the City's power. The district was under the Citizen's control.

Origins Edit

Era 0: Before the dawn Edit

Before the City was founded, all that was there was an empty field that contained a large river running through the center. Sketch, and his followers: York, Harris, Matthew and Devon, migrated to this region after escaping the powerful grip of the Void in which their origins lie. It was here that they constructed a prototype of what would become the City. There after, Sara, Sketch's wife and the last of the Great Birth gave birth to four Sons: Sampson, Michael, Holland and Gregory; along with five daughters: Gloria, Kimberli, Rachel, Paula and Diana. With Sampson as Sketch's only child with Sara it lead to Sketch exiling Sara from the settlement to aimlessly wander the land, only to be metamorphosed into the Laikoa (pronounced: Lie-Koo) Tree on the northeastern bank of the River Trench in the Devon Division. Some time after that, the three other followers of Sketch left to colonize the rest of the North District. This lead to the the banishment of Sketch himself, the father of all noids.

Era 1: The Great Divide Edit

Twenty years after the expulsion of the entity Sketch, the York, Harris, Matthew and Devon settlements have evolved into large townships that outgrew the boarders that have retained their conquest for so long--finally, it was time to inhabit somewhere else. So, they sent their children to colonize more of the Countryside. They paired each son with a daughter of a different township , leaving Kimberli being the youngest, to stay in York with her father. They spread to the far corners of the Countryside, marking their existence as they trailed onward. Soon they have occupied most of the East and West District, giving birth to Michael, Wilson, Mae and Erik. It was this time when a political hierarchy was beginning to form with the creation of the Chamber, in it had the Court of the Elders which included the remaining Followers of Sketch. After the Elders, was the Council, which included their Children, and the Common, which was everyone else.

Era 2: Burning Tides Edit

for over a century the fragile Noidic race slowly grew into a thriving civilization that controlled almost a quarter of the vast region known as the Countryside, as the four nations' dwindling boarders finally ceased to expand, it was clear that their resources would soon fade as well. One day, the CotE had their last meeting to discuss boarder relations amongst each nation. The meeting lasted for almost three whole months for no one would give up any land or power over their territory. This disagreement finally lead to a civil war among the four original nations. Each had its respective sister areas to provide support, but all that did was escalated the war into mass genocide. It came to a point in which the other members of the Chamber felt it was time to retire the CotE for good. So, on the anniversary of the Chamber, the members of the Council as well as over two-thirds of their regions population stormed the Hall of Time located near the northern edge of Harris and Matthew, to assassinate what was left of the old era and brought forth a more unifide land called the City.

Era 3: Divine RuinEdit

At first, the City was nothing more than a tattered patchwork of communities with no real form of government. that was about to change, moreover, forever change the way the Noidic people see themselves. A good span of time had passed since the assassination of the Court of the Elders, and the Chamber was beginning to show signs of disarray. Fro the most part, no one seemed to notice until a small group of Noids that called themselves the NNS decided that the present government was insufficient. So they begin to seize control of the surrounding areas near the southwest region of the West District. Soon, they had power over the media and it was all about to come into play when the NNS set their sights on the Chamber. The Chamber, who've been observing this once miniscule spec on their conscience, had to make a risky decision. They immediately began to annex large tracts of land near the center of the City. once they had enough land, they started construction on the Central District. This allowed them to still govern the City without having to face an confrontation with the NNS. This worked well for approximately ten years until the NNS finalized assembling the the Citizens. The Citizens quickly took control and began to police over three-hundred square miles, often with brute and unjustifiable force. It wasn't long until they seized control of Central and began to dismantle the NNS to finall have control of their "programing".

Era 4: Edit

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